Desktop Virtualization Services

AlfeNet can help increase flexibility, enabling your users to work from anywhere on any device. Improve business agility and the ability to quickly deliver IT to new employees, remote offices, or recently acquired companies. Free up valuable IT resources to focus on growing your business vs. managing your desktops.

Desktop virtualization typically involves running virtual machines on a hypervisor in a datacenter, instead of running individual desktops at the client device level. The centralized nature allows users to access their data and applications from almost any remote device (e.g.. desktop, laptop, tablet, smartphone, etc.). This helps your IT department to:

  • Maintain corporate compliance.
  • Quickly add new users profiles to the network.
  • Address corporate security and user storage concerns.

AlfeNet makes the implementation of desktop virtualization faster, easier and more cost effective!

Our hosted virtual desktop platform provides you the flexibility of managed cloud services to give you the control you desire while lowering your capital investment costs. With the AlfeNet's desktop virtualization services, your new infrastructure can scale as your business grows and is backed by a 1-hour hardware replacement service level guarantee, resulting in less downtime and more employee productivity for you.

Alfenet offers:

  • Data center, network, and device layer management.
  • 24x7x365 live support.
  • Tools to remotely manage your environment.
  • Industry-leading service level guarantees.